June 3, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

OMG.. I am sorry I haven't updated. I have been bogged down with a bunch of other stuff and barely scrapped anything in the past 2 weeks.. Right now I sit here with Photoshop open but thats it, I have done nothing in it all day..
I do have a freebie for you, but I will get it up on Wed morning..
I do have pictures to share.. My oldest graduated kindergarten last week.. It was so cute.. The paper caps they gave them (with yarn tassels) were mass made so they were too small or just right for most of the kids, but Nics was too BIG during all there dances his kept falling off. It was so cute to watch him rush to get it back on and try not to miss a beat..

This is the before we left to head up to the school..
He looks all grown up, but will always be my baby

This is him getting his diploma

This is his whole kindie class..
I was glad he was on the bottom row so I could get a good shot of him

This is him and his little crush..
They are so cute together

Him and his Principal

Him and his teacher

May 15, 2007


Like I said yesterday, I had to babysit to day and OMG, this girl is just the cutest little thing.. She is 2 and oh so sweet and polite, I can't wait till next week when I start her full time.. I have a new scrapbooking subject.. YAY... Jakob gets along with her so well too. It was nice to have a stress free day because he was occupied with someone else.. I was actually able to get a lot done around the house.. Gary was shocked when he came home, he thought he was in the wrong apartment for a min.. lol
ok.. on to the next matter of business..
It took me long enough, but here is your freebie for the next week :)
I am not sure of the actually size of the stickers I forgot to check.. but they are BIG.. The font used was BlackJack and the size was 115.

A little late for mothers day, but hey.. better late than never right.. lol
Mother In Different Languages.. No matter if we call her mom, mama, mother or what language we use, it all means the same thing.. So this week you get Mother In Different Languages stickers..
I know there are LOADS of languages that I forgot.. So if you don't see yours on there, please leave a comment and I will make it up for you

Download Link : http://www.4shared.com/file/16041932/794e7f14/booscreations_mother-in-different-languages-stickers.html
Please Comment on my blog and not the 4shared site..

Don't forget to read the post below on how one person will win a kit for free (once its finished).
Well its that time.. I have run out of things to say.. soooooooooooo.. TTFN

May 14, 2007

Name it and Win it... and a note

Sorry I haven't gotten your freebie to you yet.. I am going to work on it tomorrow and hopefully it will be up by Wednesday. I start a babysitting job next Monday, but I have to little girl for a few hours tomorrow, so that will cut into my computer time..

I am working on a kit, just to get some done and under my belt so that in a few months I can start looking for a new store to sell at.. Don't worry we will still be doing the readers choice freebie kit, I will put that info up when I get the freebie up.
Ok.. here are the previews..
If you have suggestions for a name, or anything else you would like to see in it please let me know by leaving a comment..
I will take suggestions until Friday the 18th..

Don't forget if you would like to be updated, I have a mailing list you can join.

April 29, 2007

Freebies on hold

There is stuff going on at home right now and its all got me really stressed.. I will try and come back next week with something for you all.. Keep watch please..
Oh.. my other computer still isn't fixed.. We hit another snag, the adapter for the graphics card isn't right.. good news we found what we need.. bad news.. we don't have the money for it right now :(
Ok.. I have to get cleaning.. Hugs..

April 26, 2007

Freebie will be late...

I was supposed to get my other computer fixed today, so I didn't get your freebie up.. Well the guy had something come up so he said he will come by tomorrow morning some time and fix it. I have to teach Art to Nics kindie class tomorrow morning and that will take a few hours because of the way we are doing it.. His teacher and I talked and instead of teaching the whole class at one time I am going to take a few into the kindergarten POD (middle) room and do it that way, so they don't get so distracted..
But I promise I will get the freebie up after all that is said and done..
I also made a boo boo on the readers choice so we will be starting that over.. I want to start with themes instead of colors.. Sorry..
Oh also.. as you can see I made a few changes to my blog too.. I added a translater, some top sites and a mailing list so you can see when I update..
Hugs.. Will update for you all tomorrow :)

April 18, 2007

New Weekly Freebie and Readers Choice

I am trying to get into the routine of a freebie every week. If I am a little late I am sorry, things here haven't been easy these past few weeks.. New this week.. A butterfly template. He is in PSD form (sorry to those who use png+, I don't have the programs for that on my computer, maybe after I get my good computer fixed I will have the room). Have fun adding different papers and/ or colors to make him unique :)
Here is your DL link. Available until April 25th :)
Link Removed.. Thanks for downloading...

I have been thinking about this for quite some time now and since I have been having trouble completing a kit that I like I thought it was finally time to do it.
For those of you that read Misty Cato's Blog (http://mistycatodesigns.blogspot.com/) you may remember a few months back she did a Readers Choice. I thought it was a pretty neat thing to do and emailed Misty and asked if she minded if I borrowed her idea. She was very nice and even gave me a few pointers on how to do it. THANK YOU MISTY!!! The good news for all of you... Since I am not selling anywhere anymore, you will get this whole kit for FREE.. Yup you heard right, from start to finish every week a new part of the kit will be available for FREE!!!
To get started we need colors.. Please leave a comment with the colors you like.
Colors A :Colors B :
Colors C :Colors D :

April 1, 2007


Some Easter Tulips for you all. Have fun and please remember to credit me (Boos Creations) and do not share, or upload anywhere else. If someone likes them, send them my blog link (http://www.booscreations.blogspot.com) Please comment!!
You can download them here :
they will be available until April 8th (Easter Sunday)
Wanna do get a really cute kit for free?? Read the post below this one..

New Challenges at DSO

Its that time again... New Challenges are posted over at DSO and we have a new prize kit too.. Check it out.
Isn't it cute!!!
For every 7 challenges you complete you will recieve a peice of this kit. Each portion will contain 8 papers and a bunch of elements.
So what are you waiting for.. Come by the forum and check out the challenges.
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