April 26, 2007

Freebie will be late...

I was supposed to get my other computer fixed today, so I didn't get your freebie up.. Well the guy had something come up so he said he will come by tomorrow morning some time and fix it. I have to teach Art to Nics kindie class tomorrow morning and that will take a few hours because of the way we are doing it.. His teacher and I talked and instead of teaching the whole class at one time I am going to take a few into the kindergarten POD (middle) room and do it that way, so they don't get so distracted..
But I promise I will get the freebie up after all that is said and done..
I also made a boo boo on the readers choice so we will be starting that over.. I want to start with themes instead of colors.. Sorry..
Oh also.. as you can see I made a few changes to my blog too.. I added a translater, some top sites and a mailing list so you can see when I update..
Hugs.. Will update for you all tomorrow :)

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